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AT Series Cylinder Actuator

Description Indicator: Visual multifunctional position indicator with NAMUR standard, which is convenient for installing position switch, positioner and other attachments.
Cylinder: ASTM6005 pack alloy cylinder is hard oxidative,
epoxy resin coating, PTFE coating or nickel
plating, which can meet different requirements.
Cover: Surfaced metal powder of pack alloy, spraying paint many colors, PTFE coating or nickel treatment.
Output shaft: Nickel treated alloy and high accuracy integral outputting conform to NAMUR, ISO5211 and DIN 3337 standards, and it can be customized according to the specified dimensions and materials.
Piston: Double piston rack is hard oxidative pack alloy or cast steel galvanized.
High-performance spring:
High quality material and coating prepress treated, which contain has the characteristics of high anti corrosive and long service life. The spring quantity can be changed to get different ranges of output torque through simple discharging single acting actuator.
Travel controlled:
The independent travel adjustable bolt outside can locate the regulating switch of 5 in two directions.
Guide plate : Low friction and long service compound materials which prevent crack of output shaft. The maintenance and replacement of guide plate are convenient.
Gas joint: All of them conform to NAMUR standard, and the solenoid valve can be installed conveniently.
Cover bolt: Anti corrosive stainless fastener inside and
outside for long time.
Bottom mounted holes:
Conform to ISO5211 and DIN 3337, and the clutch or yoke can be installed directly.

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