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All Welded Pipeline Ball Valve


CEPAI all welded pipeline ball valves has the characteristics of low
weight, high inside and outside pressure resistance and replaceable
trunnion sealing. It can be widely used in corrosive situations, such
as acidic gases. The modular design enables us to provide various
trunnion seal systems to meet your specific requirements.
CEPAI all welded pipeline ball valves is based on fire safe design of
API607, API6FA and BS6755.

Design Features
· Floating mounted, self-centering seating ring systems with
   pre-tensioned spring elements
· Maintenance-free sealing and mounting systems
· Strength of seal determined by the pressure in the line double block and bleed
· Single piston design (SPE) with self-relieving seating rings
· Optional sealing system PMSS
· Dual and single adjustable trunnion seal
· Secondary injection of sealant
· Blow-out protection at trunnions
· Drain and vent connections, and optional stem extension

Technical specifications
Body type: Fullly welded, Spherical body, tube shape body
Plug type: Full bore, O type
Size:  DN50~DN1200 (1" to 48")
Pressure Class: 150~1500LB(PN16~PN250)
Body Materials: Carbon steel
Trim materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex Steel
Connection: Flanged, Butt-welding
Inspection: GB/T 19672, API 598, API 6D, ASME B16,34
Fire test: JB/T 6899, API 6FA/API607
Actuator: Hand wheel, Worm gear, Electric, Pneumatic

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