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Knife Gate Valve


Knife gate valve one of cut-off valves of CEPAI Group, which is constantly absorbing
the high technology of similar products at home and abroad during the process of
producing and application.CEPAI knife gate valve is a linear shut off valve with low
weight and compact structure. The knife gate valve can be installed with handwheel,
pneumatic cylinder and electric actuator,which is suitable for cutting off fluid
containing fiber or suspended particles.The pneumatic knife gate valve equiped
solenoid valve and proximity switch can achieve the action control and signal output
in both positions of opening and closing. It is widely used for applications in the
industries of paper making, wastewater treatment, mining, chemical and so on.

Design Features
· Wafer type connection of small volume and light weight
· Full bore to prevent the medium cumulated in the valve body
· Advanced U type sealing ring to ensure good sealing performance
· Small flow resistance and convenient maintenance

Technical specifications
Body type: Knife Gate Valve
Size: DN50~DN600 (1" to 24")
Pressure Class: 1.0,1.6, 2.5Mpa; ANSI 150, ANSI 300
Body Materials: WCB+F46/PFA, CF8+F46/PFA
Temp range: - 29°C to ~ +560°C;
Connection: Flanged (FF, RF) , wafer type
Actuator: Pneumatic, Electric actuator

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