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Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

Overview CEPAI HA Pneumatic diaphragm actuator is the driven part of control valve, which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and convenient operation. The HA actuator transforms the output pressure of pneumatic control instrument into the travel of push rod. If the HA actuator connects the body of control valve, the plug will be moved to related position of output signal. The actuator is made of multi-spring diaphragm, which is of compact structure and large output force.
Technical specifications Model: Air-to-open: HA1D, HA2D, HA3D, HA4D
Air-to-close:HA1R, HA2R, HA3R, HA4R
Parts material: Diaphragm casing: Carbon steel
Diaphragm: EPR, NBR
Push rod: 1Cr18Ni9
Yoke: HT200, WCB
Range of diaphragm:
20~100, 80~240KPa
Air pressure: 140~400KPa
Ambient temp: -30-+70℃
Performance: Hysteresis error
Less than 1% with positioner
HA1 without positioner: Less than 5%
HA2-4 without positioner: Less than 3%
Basic hysteresis error:
HA1 with positioner: Less than ±2%
HA1 with positioner: Less than ±3%

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