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Rotary Cylinder Actuator

Overview CEPAI GT-B series reverse acting pneumatic actuator is of double piston driven and gear rack type. The products cover many kinds which the cylinder diameter is from 32mm to 600mm, and the maximum output torque is up to 81385 Nm. They can be used in many occasions.
Technical specifications · Extruded aluminum cylinder body which inside face is fine grinded.
The inside and outside are used advanced anti corrosive technology. The cylinder has the characteristics of small friction factor, long service life    and good performance of anti corrosion.
· Double piston gear rack type design which has the characteristics of compact structure, centralized installed position, convenience of changing output rotation, long service life and quick action.
· The compound gearing and guide ring are installed in the back of piston rack, which has the characteristics of accurate action, small friction factor and long service life.
· Combined type anti negative load coating spring has long service life.
· High accuracy gear and rack has the characteristics of small gap, high accuracy and large output power.
· Stainless fastener has the characteristics of safe, good appearance and anti corrosion.
· International standard dimension: groove and screw of output shaft. Dimensions of top mounted hole conform to NAMUR standard. Gas joint dimensions conform to NAMUR standard. Dimensions of bottom installed hole conform to ISO5211 and DIN3337, which is convenient for installing solenoid valve, limited switch and other attachments.

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