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Self Actuated Control Valve


CEPAI self actuated control valve does not require any
external energy sources. It is adjusted by flow medium automatically. It
has the advantages of using in no electricity and no gas source site. The
pressure setting can be adjusted during operation. The quick opening flow
characteristics is sensitive and of good sealing performance. It is widely
used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, food, textile,
machinery manufacturing and residential construction buildings and other
industrial equipment for the medium of gas, liquid and steam. And they
have the function of pressure reducing (for valve adjustment) or relief,
regulating pressure (before adjustment for the valves) and automatically

Design Features
· Diaphragm type with sensitivity adjustment and fast response of the
 pressure change
· Piston cylinder with high-pressure resistance and large adjustable travel
· Single-seat control valve, sleeve valve types for wide range control
· For controlling the downstream pressure

Technical specifications
Body Type: Single seated, globe type
Size: DN15~DN250 (3/4" to 10")
Pressure Class: 1.6, 4.0, 6.4 Mpa;
  ANSI 150, ANSI 300, ANSI 600
Characteristics: Quick open
Body Materials: WCB, CF8M, CF3M, CF3
Trim materials: Stainless Steel
Temp range: - 5°C to ~ +70°C
Connection: Flanged, Socket welding, Butt welding
Gland packing: PTFE, Braided PTFE, Grafoil
Actuator: Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Piston
Accuracy: Within ±5%

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