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Casting Foundries

CEPAI Foundry

CEPAI Foundry factory certificated by ISO 9001 and TS locates in Jinhu, Jiangsu Province,which is one of the top foundry capacity and highest quality factory in this area. It has four sand casting workshops and one resin sand casting workshop. The high quality and capacity alloy casting is specialized in carbon steel (WCB, LCB, WCC, LCC), stainless steel (CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF8M), nickel-based alloys and so on. Additionally, CEPAI Foundry focuses on material selection, which is necessary for efficient and reliable valve bodies. As required, the cast valve body can exceed the requirement of API, ASTM, TS or other new requirements in mechanical

properties and corrosion resistance. The experts and skilled worker offer the expertise in the design and suggestions in the special applications. The purpose of CEPAI foundry is to offer highest quality and accurate dimensions castings that only little or even no machining before final assembly.

Why we need our own foundry?

Obviously you will get a better quality and lower cost of valve body and bonnet if you have your own foundry. The purchased and processed casting is a significant proportion of finished valve cost, and the quality (performance, safety and reliability) of valves is also heavily determined by the castings. For special valve body or special material, CEPAI valve will get a better casting delivery times. Demanding of market, casting design of valve body, prototyping, technologies and skilled workers of casting supply chain help CEPAI get a significant improved system. The vertically integrated business has resulted in obviously benefit for advanced valve producers like CEPAI.

To melt carbon steel including ASTM A216 WCB, WCC and ASTM A352 LCA, LCB and LCC; austenitic stainless steel including Z3CND19-10M, Z3CND19-10M; duplex stainless steel including 4A, 5A, 6A; martensitic stainless steels include C12A; special alloy steel including monel and hastelloy. CEPAI Foundry is equipped with AOD furnace and VOD furnace, and a complete range of melting furnaces, which the capacities from 150 to 6000 pounds. The time of melt are around 70 to 100 minutes per heat. This high capability makes the foundry pour heat lots in any quantity and meet a wide range of required temperature. CEPAI Foundry constantly draws into advanced technologies to meet the requirements of our customer.

Sand casting
CEPAI has four automatic molding production lines, and molding sand , automatic precision ratio of binder, chromite sand, temperature control of baking-box processes and mechanized operations of mould assembling. Smelting is done by intermediate frequency furnace or intermediate frequency furnace with A0D finery. Heat treatment is done by fiber resistance furnace, direct- reading spectrometer for ingredients testing, Co60 ray or linear accelerator for non-destructive testing. It is suitable for the manufacture of various types of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, special steel large castings.

Ceramic casting
CEPAI has automatic molding equipment, precision tooling, mold in warm wax. Binder is made of sol mixed imported zircon powder and zircon. The roasting Bian formwork roasting temperature is controlled within 1100 ° C by electric stove and gas furnace. It is mainly used for small parts casting in petroleum, chemical, engineering machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, military, and refrigeration industries.

Combined precision casting
CEPAI has the most advanced automatic wax cream and molding machine. Mold inside surface is made of the silicasol mixed imported zirconium zircon powder, made ​​from zircon sand finish high, middle layer, the outer layer of water glass mullite sand made ​​of breathable and good housing, good quality of castings inside and outside. The rapid melting furnace equipment, direct reading spectrometer, NC-cover full fiber resistance furnace, precision polishing machine.

Sodium Silicate Casting
Using the low temperature wax molding, sodium silicate binder mixed quartz powder, quartz powder or mullite powder, mullite sand, aluminum chloride hardening made ​​shell mold traditional lost wax casting process. It has the advantages of short production period, simple process, stability dimension, low roughness of surface, good exhaust pouring, and low manufacturing cost.

As the last important process during the casting period, CEPAI Foundry is proud of performing the highest standards for casting bodies and parts, and makes sure the quality by complete measurement technique. After being released from the gates and risers, the casting material is cleaned before machining operation. The whole process is strictly under ISO 9001 system to ensure the quality.

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