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Production Facility

Production Facility
Welding Equipment
With modern DC Welders, TIG Welders and Plasma overlaying welding equipment, it could meet the requirements of modern valves and pipeline components manufacture. Improves productivity, eliminates clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Compact designs offer superior arc performance and control that set new standards for productivity and weld quality, while lowering the cost of installation and operation.
Valve Assembling Line
This line discloses a valve automatic test pipeline including a valve test host, a water tank, a hydraulic tank, a pressure test pump and a valve operation box, among which, the host is a vertical one placed longitudinally, a sealed transport track and a cylinder are placed under the test platform, several movable transport lorries are set on the track, the up and down turn-over lorry unit is set at one end of the track. The assembly line can carry out intensity and sealing test to the valve automatically and continuously. The SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) standard has been strictly executed by the using of the valve assembly line.
Modern Automatic Spraying Painting Line
The spraying painting line is made up of spray cabinet, dryer, track, chain, hunger, transmitter and spray gun, which is mainly used for the painting of gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and plug valve and so on. The dry system installed in production line of HL- T5 is fuel or combustion gas heater system, so it has great advantages of heat-producing capability, heat quick, low cost. 
NLSeries NC Machine
The NLSeries offers a variety of functions in a small body, achieving high-accuracy, high-efficiency machining. The line features the industry's first Built-in Motor Turret (BMT™). This feature, along with the machine's super high-rigidity structure, allow better turning and greater productivity. It has specifications suitable for a wide range of workpieces, and the digital tailstock feature decreases setup time. A high-accuracy CNC lathe featuring revolutionary BMT technology to minimize heat and vibration while eliminating transmission losses.
NT Series Compound Machining Center
The NTX Series, a new compact integrated mill-turn center line from DMG / Mori Seiki USA, offers machining ability and accuracy equivalent to that of the NT Series. It also incorporated customer feedback during the design process, improving the line's already high level of performance. It was specifically designed to handle the precision necessary for small, low-tolerance parts machining—including medical equipment, watches and measuring instruments.
Production Facility
Smart Valve Pressure Test Machine
The Smart Valve Pressure Test Machine set of microcomputer, hydraulic, electromechanical, test pressure and liquid medium used for storage of cycle as a whole. It is widely used in Nominal Diameter DNl5-450mm for sealing performance test of all kinds of high pressure, middle pressure and low pressure valves.
Production Facility
Ultrasonic Fault Detector
It has the characteristics of higher stability, portability, durability and reliability. The high-resolution color LCD display with a fast simulation of real-time measurement system provides detailed information of the waveform, high-speed screen refresh rate (above 70Hz) shows the real-time flaw echo without omissions. Various output interface enables a broader range of applications. Leading software technology at home and abroad, to make the instrument more powerful.
Digital Impact Testing Machine
JB-S500B Digital impact testing machine is mainly used for the determination of metal materials under dynamic load capacity to resist shocks, in order to determine material impact resistance under dynamic load performance metal materials manufacturers and product quality inspection. The device is semi-automatic control, in the testing process using the remaining energy of impact tests can be placed automatically Yang, test results for the LCD display, so the impact of continuous and extensive laboratory testing to do impact testing of iron and steel metallurgy, machinery, factories and mines enterprises, quality control and other industries better reflect its superiority.
OBLF Spectrum Analyzer
With high-resolution optical system and latest channel photomultiplier technology, the spectrum analyzer has the ability for analyzing ppm and percentage of the level. Q6 has a better flux and stability compared with insert gas filler optical chamber.
Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment
This magnetic particle testing units shall be the portable magnetic flux units and fixed units. Either AC or a half-wave rectified DC output current operating on 220V AC. It also could show the position, size and shape of the defects easily and rapidly.
Universal Testing Machine
The machine is mainly applicable to the iron and steel metallurgy, manufacturing industry and quality testing center. This machine adopts fuel tank mounted under the console, compact structure, beautiful appearance, low center of gravity and reliable and high performance. Using Windows XP operating system platform for the work of data processing software that can automatically process data, store test results, print the test curve, generate results reports. Based on product design and manufacturing are used GB/T3159-92 "hydraulic universal testing machine.
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