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Education & Training

Education and training is one of our competitive features, through education and training,we make customers know about the products structures, functions and methods of application. Besides, they can learn remedial measures, so when products are out of order because of improper operations or any other reasons,they can eliminate the breakdown immediately.
On-site Training
We send our seasoned engineers and
technicians on-site to answer our customers
for any of their questions,and train them
for product knowledge and ways of
maintenance. We will give a best solutions
for valve leakage, signal blocking according
to the specific occasions. Product quality or
man-made ​​operational reasons will be found
by CEPAI engineer, and customer will get
day-to-day operation and maintenance
training services.

Agent Training
The main topics of training for agents are as follows,
1. Products details and application of CEPAI control valves
2. Price Quotation training for agents
3. Bidding documents making
4. Documents between CEPAI Group and agent
5. Area extended of CEPAI Brand
6. Other related training
Through education and training, our
customers can be familiar with the product
performances, operation guidelines and
maintenance methods,they can also solve
some small problems by themselves, which
not only reduce their time cost but also
improve their working efficiency,and
strengthen their competitive power among
the same industries as well.
On-line Communication
It's more convenient and time-saving for
customers who communicate with us on-line,
this is applicable for users who are not able
to participate in our on-site instructions
because of , like, geographical reasons,etc.
On-site training and remote online training
combined-off of more timely and effective
manner to solve the problem on site.
Feedback field ,file, material and pictures
will be sent to CEPA I online service personnel
who works 8 hours a day, they will chat with
customers online , analyze the cause and provide
solutions for user in a timely manner.
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