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CEPAI Valve not only guarantees production qualities (based on excellent materials,subtle process and advanced technologies), but also emphasizes customer's requirements,and regards supplies of perfect services as our responsibilities. Besides pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale repairing and technical support,we also supply educations and trainings to our customers to make it easier for them to use our products,and reduce their use-cost, in order to realize optimal product value in the end.
Pre-sale Service

According to the different needs of different customers, our company gives advices and suggestions for the customers from the shape of the products to the development and trail of the special products.Our company will provide standard, raw material, inspection and test methods, technical consultation of variety products to meet the customer's needs. We will also provide copy samples and non-standard products. The qualifications and credit certificate, lists of the large users and the major performance of project application of the company etc as well.

In-sale Service

According to the user's needs, it comes to the pre-supposition of the quality and the delivery time-guarantee, the company will process the excellent casting production and the ultimate test by the advanced computer aided design. During the delivery date, the user could test and retest the casting at random in the factory anytime they like. What's more, the packaging of the products will meet the user's need.

After-sale Service

Our company will provide routine maintenance of the products and training service for recovering the common problem of the products. The technology and the quality counseling from users will be replied within 24 hours. 24 months (18 + 6) products quality guarantee period (national standard for 18 months), technical support 24 hours hotline will be counted on it. If the product exceeds the quality guarantee period, my company only charges the parts.

Through education and training, our customers can be familiar with the product performances, operation guidelines and maintenance methods, they can also solve some small problems by themselves, which not only reduce their time cost but also improve their working efficiency,and strengthen their competitive power among the same industries as well.
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