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Power industry is the most important basic energy industry during the development of national economy that has an essential impact on national life, and is the superior development object among the world economic development strategies. As an advanced productivity and basic industry, power industry plays a main role to facilitate national economic development and social progress. It has close relations with social economy and social development; it not only relates to national economy safety but also relates to people's daily life and social stability. As development of China's economy, the nation has a more and more demands for electric, and the expansion of electric sales market also stimulate the development of the whole power plant.
In recent years, CEPAI Valve has initially at home researched and developed hundreds of high-temperature and high-pressure integral forged steel valve on base of our national electric newly-built unit's parameters and performances. Materials of the valves are WB36、F22、F91、F92 etc. At present, the products are successfully used in various power plant both home and abroad, and are equivalent to many foreign products both in quality and service, thus, win sound reputation.
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